With my heart.

August seems to be the beginning of the end of my latest sojourn.

I am enthusiastic about my concluding experiment from all indication I will be going out with a Big Bang, God willing.

Sprained my shoulder playing football, I know yeah. Strangely  I landed on my shoulder after been tackled.

Of late I haven’t had any refreshing thought. I guess it’s boils down to my lack of reading , writing and exploration.

I feel I need to be ever so slightly anti-social, just to get my work done, I am crawling into a shell and loving it.

*unlike all my previous post that seem to be put together, this are simply things on my mind underdeveloped thought, they might take larger forms or not. But I felt the need to write them as they are unedited and raw.

On cooking 

Cooking is a task that models life on a fundamental level, you have a plan to cook a meal, you think about what you need to accomplish it (time, ingredients…etc). You ensure the required resources are available. You know it’s going to take a certain amount of time and afterwards you have your end result. So you start the process, reviewing along the way by tasting the food, making changes (improvising) along the way when needed to get the taste right. Some process require longer time giving you the opportunity to do other things like wash the dishes or write a post, (wrote this while cooking)and at the end of the day you have your food done, just the result you planned for. 

On the reality behind the joke.

I worry for the future of my kids, the On demand economy and the lack of delayed gratification been promoted by technological advancement might be great for numerous reasons but is anyone taking a minute to review the downside of this advancement on the human mind. well to be sincere this rant is a bit too late though, we began this journey several years ago. now you can go to jail for what you tweet, if you doubt me check it out  . if you share someone’s Snap chat video with someone else you can go to jail, in doubt be my guest click and find out .  however when Microsoft bot took to racial attack amidst numerous tweets that a person could go to jail for, we got an apology from Microsoft. How do we penalize A.I for breaking the law. A Drive less car kills a child who goes to Jail ? This Amazon Prime Now ad might be an April Fool joke, but we all know it isn’t far fetched.  how do i teach my kids the pay off of delayed gratification when the world says otherwise.

On immeasurable measures.



If all pursuit of expansion borders on existing conception,

quantification based on preconceived notions,

It is safe to say that a lot of occurrence have been ignored because they differ from what we know / expect or want to see.

Are standards biases that prevent the propagation of new fields at the mercy of promoting

existing ones ?

On why

having grown up in a culture where the need to ask why was frowned upon, questioning authorities / assumption was considered as disrespectful.
A child asking their mother why certain things were the way it was would have a response that either told you you were disturbing or one that wants you to simply accept assumptions.

I have found myself asking why so often lately, in short i make it a habit to ask why at least 5 times a day.

why about the things i observe.

why about the things i do or dont do.

since i started a week ago , i have figured out a lot about myself , my environment and people in general. 

I cant believe i have never consciously bothered to ask why about everything.

I know why i feel naseau after my morning gym session, i know why my gum hurts on those random morning ,who knew people grind their teeth in their sleep when they are stressed. 

One thing i will encourage in my kids is to always ask why!

I only just concluded a book called Breakthrough by Nayak and ketteringham, its a compilation of commercial  breakthroughs of over 12 products engineered by 16 compaines, products  that have changed various aspect of our lives and society and one common denominator exist between the men that herald this breakthrough by way of idea invention.


 Curiosity sees things in places where assumption doesnt.  

Remain curious, keep asking why !!