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First principle

Have you ever worked with a physicist or someone that thinks like one?  They are prone to think bottom up from ground zero.

Elon musk is a simple example of a true physicist, the advantage of working through any process like a physicist leads to innovation.

You see, you can only redefine a process you understand throughly. On the other hand if you are not trying to create something new, its a rather long process; very tiring and a complete waste of time and whatever limited resources you have.

If resources were infinite always opt for first principle, its a thing of beauty.

The work flow is always lacking in imagination, but still a thing of beauty.

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On my many failures.

I once made a large investment deal because someone I had watched do business for several year and was really good at it came up to me with an idea. worst decision i have ever made. lets just say i put my down payment for a house on a business deal that went south. lost the money and incurred debt along the way.  I write about it after three years and it still stings.

I might be pass it now, but i saw this video and one line stood out and reminded me that to fail is natural.

 Most lion hunts end in failure but no lion fail more often than those that live in the dessert.

The dessert is a place of dryness a place of want which can be likened to ground zero, if the most feared and revered beast of the animal kingdom fails severally and carry on. I might be inclined to fail some more and stop being cynical.

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Of Punctured eardrum and parenting techniques.

So I punctured my ear drum ….. This is not a joke. I can only hear out of one ear, the sound from the other side is muffled, imagine  the sound you hear from a damaged subwoofer.

Research has shown that less than 1% of the world population ever get their ear drum punctured in their lifetime, makes me feel like a member of a elite group.

Atleast when I am out on a work dinner and they start talking about something totally irrelevant like cats or they start gossiping , I can say “do you know what it’s like to have a ruptured eardrum, that way I can shock them out of the hideous conversation and also get their mind running helter skelter from the pure attempt to imagine my pain as i try to describe the excruciating ordeal.

On the other hand I can’t tell you how I punctured my eardrum, let’s just say if a child did what I did, I would have chastised that kid.

But in the moment I felt the sharp pain from the ruptured eardrum, incapacitated for 10mins lying down on my bed, I remembered something from my childhood and how my father realised he had to change how he communicated with us his kids.

My father knew that just saying don’t do a thing wasn’t enough he had to give us a reason and physical evidence. This particular  day he came home with a crude mouse trap the ones with the serrated edges and after lecturing us about how dangerous it was went on to put his hands in the trap. The site of blood alone was enough to put me off those traps, you bet I stayed away from them for atleast a few years.

Would I puncture my ears to let my kid know not to do it?  Nope, I can’t be here again, the pain still lingers in my ear and I can’t hear out that ear as well. Reminds me of this new song I have been listening to by Ill Bliss, the chorus says I can’t hear you because I am counting my money, I paraphrase and say I can’t hear you because my ear is punctured. Not as catchy. Lol

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Motivation and new voice notes.

What drives us, what makes you happy to be up in the morning, the feeling of jumping out of bed before your alarm clock rings.

I have felt that way once before now not so much. I lay in bed for as long as i can most of the time, on weekends i get up because i am hungry.

I have stopped watching Tv, stayed away from social media and everything that distracts me from doing what i need to do, with free time i still don’t have the motivation to do the things i need to do.

Is this the depression they keep talking about. I have pep talk with myself every morning and night. I remind myself why i started this journey and even though i now realize that i didn’t have to be on this journey to be able to effect the change in society i itch for, it a way to make it happen and i am going to complete it so help me God.

I stumbled on a New podcast called Voice notes  check it out, The episode of life sound track is so good. I must warn you some of the voice notes are sad but interesting. let me know what you feel about this podcast. i need to get back to writing the 3rd chapter of my thesis now.

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20160819-dsc_0040Lessons from 2009
I recently stumbled on my 2009 diary where I wrote a few lessons I had learnt in 2009. 2009 is a year I remember very well as it was the year  turned down two job offers to start my company with two friends of mine. I was broke but very fulfilled. I guess I thought being broke and fulfilled were mutually exclusive up until then; That was the very first lesson I learnt that year. Interestingly  I  have only  just realized this now writing this introduction. Here are a few other lessons that hold true today.
1. Character is a bundle of traits that occurs and only shows itself when situation or circumstances triggers it; Mostly situations beyond our control and when we are under a lot of pressure. Hence, character fabricated is only as consistent as your ability to control the environment.
2. Always talk to the boss, if you want the best service. He unlike the zombies that work for him can take initiative even in seemingly impossible situation.
3. When running your business, holidays aren’t as favourable to you as they were when you were employed.
4. Know your limit and exceed it, except it involves your finances.
5. There is always more than one solution to every problem’ sit down and evaluate the problem before you start administering solutions.
6.  You don’t have to look around to find yourself , you just have to look within. it is a lot easier and it ensures your chart a path that is totally unique.
7. Remember that the mind is like a sponge. It is in the business of absorbing content, so be careful what you expose your mind to.
8. Don’t ever try to understand the way of a man with a woman, even the greatest minds the world ever knew, could not figure it out.
9. Tread carefully when a man’s ego is at stake he will go any length it takes to keep it intact.
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The Journey:Distractions


The Journey- DistractionOne day, while I was driving and I was carrying some food items covered by a foil on the passenger’s seat next to me, suddenly a heavy wind blew into the car and it blew the foil cover off the food, I tried to grab  the cover, before I knew it my car had swayed to the other side and I had to return it to lane but thankfully there was no car close to me, I was grateful to God that I went safe but after everything one thing that kept ringing in my mind was ‘I almost got involved in an accident just because of something as irrelevant as food cover’, the moment of distraction almost cost me my life and my car

Thinking deep makes me pen this down about how some young people have ruined their lives because of some ‘little distractions’. There are people who…

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On Ubuntu and the ghost of my forefathers.

20140401-dsc_0168Over the last week, I have made a few changes to my use of applications on my mobile phone.

I took snapchat and Instagram off my mobile phone,installing WordPress and kindle.

The intention is the time I spent on those platform can be used for other things, like reading and writing.

The last time I took time off social media was Twitter and I can’t say I went back to it.

Last night I was watching a video while having dinner, it was one of the series of  This is New Africa, a tv show by Ndanitv presented by Foluke I believe that’s her name.

Don’t even get me started with the presenter she has an amazing smile and her complexion is amazing, dark chocolate with orange undertone giving her an amazing shine, totally crushing on the girl, plus she loves travel my type of woman. I digress.

The show was about her trip to Cape town , I particularly enjoyed this episode because I have been to Capetown myself even though my experience in Cape Town was different from hers. I will share my Capetown experience with you real soon, I promise.

The part that got me about the show was an interview with Sonabile Ndamase where he speaks about the sense of Ubuntu (Ubuntu short for Nguni Bantu which roughly translate to human kindness or humanity towards others. )   he goes on to explain it between 17:00 -19:00 for those of you too busy to watch the entire video. Find the link below.

I recalled a conversation with my friend just before my birthday about the dynamics between individualism and depression ( I won’t be sharing the dynamics here but I promise to write about it soon) and how the western world promote individualism which is different from our upbringing which is community based, so when I heard Sonabile describing Ubuntu I was reminded yet again and even more of my great grandparents as I started thinking of my clan.

Each time my mum or my uncles spoke about my maternal great grandfather they always spoke about his contribution to society, after watching the video I searched his name on google and an article was written about him just last month, find link below.                           Great grandfather article

That’s just my maternal great grandfather, my paternal great grandfather was so involved in the growth of his community that he was crowned king of two towns simultaneously so the legend says, a feat that never happened before him and never did after him. Needless to say the ghost of this men keep me up at night constantly asking me what are you doing to make your community a better place.