The Journey:Distractions


The Journey- DistractionOne day, while I was driving and I was carrying some food items covered by a foil on the passenger’s seat next to me, suddenly a heavy wind blew into the car and it blew the foil cover off the food, I tried to grab  the cover, before I knew it my car had swayed to the other side and I had to return it to lane but thankfully there was no car close to me, I was grateful to God that I went safe but after everything one thing that kept ringing in my mind was ‘I almost got involved in an accident just because of something as irrelevant as food cover’, the moment of distraction almost cost me my life and my car

Thinking deep makes me pen this down about how some young people have ruined their lives because of some ‘little distractions’. There are people who…

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On Ubuntu and the ghost of my forefathers.

Over the last week, I have made a few changes to my use of applications on my mobile phone. 

I took snapchat and Instagram off my mobile phone,installing WordPress and kindle.

The intention is the time I spent on those platform can be used for other things, like reading and writing.

The last time I took time off social media was Twitter and I can’t say I went back to it.

Last night I was watching a video while having dinner, it was one of the series of  This is New Africa, a tv show by Ndanitv presented by Foluke I believe that’s her name.

 Don’t even get me started with the presenter she has an amazing smile and her complexion is amazing, dark chocolate with orange undertone giving her an amazing shine, totally crushing on the girl, plus she loves travel my type of woman. I digress. 

The show was about her trip to Cape town , I particularly enjoyed this episode because I have been to Capetown myself even though my experience in Cape Town was different from hers. I will share my Capetown experience with you real soon, I promise.

The part that got me about the show was an interview with Sonabile Ndamase where he speaks about the sense of Ubuntu (Ubuntu short for Nguni Bantu which roughly translate to human kindness or humanity towards others. )   he goes on to explain it between 17:00 -19:00 for those of you too busy to watch the entire video. Find the link below.

I recalled a conversation with my friend just before my birthday about the dynamics between individualism and depression ( I won’t be sharing the dynamics here but I promise to write about it soon) and how the western world promote individualism which is different from our upbringing which is community based, so when I heard Sonabile describing Ubuntu I was reminded yet again and even more of my great grandparents as I started thinking of my clan.

Each time my mum or my uncles spoke about my maternal great grandfather they always spoke about his contribution to society, after watching the video I searched his name on google and an article was written about him just last month, find link below.                           Great grandfather article

That’s just my maternal great grandfather, my paternal great grandfather was so involved in the growth of his community that he was crowned king of two towns simultaneously so the legend says, a feat that never happened before him and never did after him. Needless to say the ghost of this men keep me up at night constantly asking me what are you doing to make your community a better place. 

On turning 29

Saturday the 27th was the day

Excited about the day i was. Homeless i remained. now carless as my car failed MoT on the day, talk about a birthday gift.

Even more interesting, my friend i was to move in with called me to tell me he has an alternative and he wont be taking the property as though i didn’t have enough issues to battle with already.

The truth be told i got an alternative myself but decided against going for it because i felt it will be better to stay with a friend than a stranger,  another reason i  didn’t go for it even though it was a cheaper option was because the distance of the property to my place of work wasn’t  worth the savings it provided.

However i am coming into a new appreciation for friends and family, the support i have enjoyed this year has been immense. i am constantly stretching myself and this leaves me overwhelmed a lot of the time, however i have amazing friends and family that give me the support to carry on.

Last year has been a blessing, my relationships have been strengthened, i have renewed zeal to live, my purpose has grown stronger. The future has never been clearer.



With my heart.

August seems to be the beginning of the end of my latest sojourn.

I am enthusiastic about my concluding experiment from all indication I will be going out with a Big Bang, God willing.

Sprained my shoulder playing football, I know yeah. Strangely  I landed on my shoulder after been tackled.

Of late I haven’t had any refreshing thought. I guess it’s boils down to my lack of reading , writing and exploration.

I feel I need to be ever so slightly anti-social, just to get my work done, I am crawling into a shell and loving it.

*unlike all my previous post that seem to be put together, this are simply things on my mind underdeveloped thought, they might take larger forms or not. But I felt the need to write them as they are unedited and raw.

On cooking 

Cooking is a task that models life on a fundamental level, you have a plan to cook a meal, you think about what you need to accomplish it (time, ingredients…etc). You ensure the required resources are available. You know it’s going to take a certain amount of time and afterwards you have your end result. So you start the process, reviewing along the way by tasting the food, making changes (improvising) along the way when needed to get the taste right. Some process require longer time giving you the opportunity to do other things like wash the dishes or write a post, (wrote this while cooking)and at the end of the day you have your food done, just the result you planned for. 

On the reality behind the joke.

I worry for the future of my kids, the On demand economy and the lack of delayed gratification been promoted by technological advancement might be great for numerous reasons but is anyone taking a minute to review the downside of this advancement on the human mind. well to be sincere this rant is a bit too late though, we began this journey several years ago. now you can go to jail for what you tweet, if you doubt me check it out  . if you share someone’s Snap chat video with someone else you can go to jail, in doubt be my guest click and find out .  however when Microsoft bot took to racial attack amidst numerous tweets that a person could go to jail for, we got an apology from Microsoft. How do we penalize A.I for breaking the law. A Drive less car kills a child who goes to Jail ? This Amazon Prime Now ad might be an April Fool joke, but we all know it isn’t far fetched.  how do i teach my kids the pay off of delayed gratification when the world says otherwise.